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Why Invest In Your Managers?


of people have quit a job because of a bad boss.


of employee engagement is linked to manager quality.


of employees would prefer a new manager over a raise.
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How Pinnacle Works
Shift from time-consuming, generic training to hyper-personalized micro-learning in the flow of work.

360 Team Evaluation

Managers ask teammates to help them identify their strengths and growth areas.

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Managers receive AI-driven management tips, personalized for their unique needs.

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Certified coaches help managers apply learnings and solve ongoing dilemmas.

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What Our Clients Say

"I successfully worked to clarify objectives and boundaries to improve my approach both to individual conversations and long-term decisions."
"I now have much greater control over my schedule, prioritize and delegate more effectively, and have put routines in place to strengthen our company culture."
"If I have to sum up the outcome from our coaching, I would say I've gained clarity and balance. I highly recommend coaching for any senior leader seeking answers to conflicting priorities."

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Humans lose 90% of what they learn within one week, according to the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve. No wonder most management training doesn't stick! 

Pinnacle's spaced micro-learning and coaching leverage learning science to embed knowledge and change behavior.

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